BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
10.0docs: Add MD5 sums for the 10.0.5 release.Carl Worth6 years
10.1docs: Add sha256 sums for the 10.1.6 release filesCarl Worth6 years
10.2docs: Add sha256 sums for the 10.2.9 releaseEmil Velikov5 years
10.3docs: Add sha256 sums for the 10.3.7 releaseEmil Velikov5 years
10.4docs: Add sha256 sums for the 10.4.7 releaseEmil Velikov5 years
10.5docs: Add sha256sums for the 10.5.9 releaseEmil Velikov5 years
10.6docs: add sha256 checksums for 10.6.9Emil Velikov4 years
11.0docs: add sha256 checksums for 11.0.9Emil Velikov4 years
11.1docs: add sha256 checksums for 11.1.3Emil Velikov4 years
11.2docs: update the sha256 checksums for 11.2.1Emil Velikov4 years
7.10apple: Implement applegl_unbind_contextJeremy Huddleston8 years
7.11darwin: do not create double-buffered offscreen pixel formatsJonas Maebe7 years
7.8Revert "Prefer intrinsics to handrolled atomic ops."Tom Fogal9 years
7.8-glesMerge remote branch 'origin/7.8' into 7.8-glesKristian Høgsberg10 years
7.9apple: Dead code removalJeremy Huddleston9 years
8.0darwin: Remove extra kCGLPFAColorSize attribute when requesting an offscreen ...Jeremy Huddleston Sequoia6 years
9.0Apple: glFlush() is not needed with CGLFlushDrawable()Jeremy Huddleston Sequoia7 years
9.1docs: Add md5sums for 9.1.7 release files.Carl Worth6 years
9.2mesa: Use IROUND instead of roundf.José Fonseca6 years
965-glsl Non Square MatrixZou Nan hai12 years
965-ttm[965] Add a performance note about intel_bufferobj_data implementation.Eric Anholt12 years
R300_DRIVERimport r300_driverNicolai Haehnle15 years
amdgpuwinsys/amdgpu: handle fence and dependencies mergeChristian König5 years
android-etnavivRevert "HACK: Force GL ES 3.0 and GLSL 3.0"Robert Foss3 years
android-etnaviv-modifiersWIP: Initial modifiers codeRobert Foss3 years
android-etnaviv-modifiers-v2WIP: LoggingRobert Foss3 years
android-etnaviv-modifiers-v3WIP: LoggingRobert Foss3 years
android-etnaviv-modifiers-v4WIP: LoggingRobert Foss3 years
android-m-fencesvirgl: native fence fd supportGustavo Padovan3 years
android_imx_v2android: build imx-drm winsysTomeu Vizoso3 years
android_imx_v3android: build imx-drm winsysTomeu Vizoso3 years
android_imx_v4android: build imx-drm winsysTomeu Vizoso3 years
arb_copy_bufferdocs: clarify GL_ARB_copy_buffer driver supportBrian Paul11 years
arb_fbomesa: re-enable check for EXT_framebuffer_blitBrian Paul11 years
arb_fbo_cleanupi965: enable GL_ARB_framebuffer_objectBrian Paul11 years
arb_fbo_indirectARB_fbo: Enable extensions related to GL_ARB_framebuffer_object for GLXIan Romanick10 years
arb_geometry_shader4Merge remote branch 'origin/master' into arb_geometry_shader4Zack Rusin10 years
arb_half_float_vertexr300: half float supportDave Airlie10 years
arb_map_buffer_rangest/mesa: enable GL_ARB_map_buffer_rangeBrian Paul11 years
arb_robustnessmesa: s/exec/disp/ in _mesa_init_histogram_dispatch()Brian Paul9 years
arb_sampler_objectsmesa: fixup r600 DRI driver for sampler object changesBrian Paul9 years
arb_syncAdd ARB_sync to the xorg sw dri driver.Eric Anholt10 years
arb_vertex_array_objectdocs: document GL_ARB_vertex_array_objectBrian Paul11 years
asm-shader-rework-1ARB prog parser: Revert part of previous change to constant parsingIan Romanick11 years
asm-shader-rework-2NV fp lexer: Add UP4B and UP4UB instructions that were previously missingIan Romanick10 years
asm-shader-rework-3Merge branch 'master' into asm-shader-rework-3Ian Romanick10 years
auto-cherry-for-8.0st/mesa: don't do srgb->linear conversion in decompress_with_blitMarek Olšák8 years
autoconf* created autoconf branchtanner21 years
cov1213929_resource_leakvid_enc: Fix resource leak on OMX_ErrorNoneRobert Foss4 years
cov1358582_out_of_bounds_accessspirv_to_nir: Avoid out of bounds access to nir src array.Robert Foss4 years
cov_1396369_v1radv: Prevent illegal memory accesses during assertRobert Foss3 years
cov_1396397_v1radv: Prevent Coverity warningRobert Foss3 years
cov_1399480_1399489_v1i965: Prevent coverity warningRobert Foss3 years
cov_1399480_1399489_v2i965: Prevent coverity warningRobert Foss3 years
cov_1399480_1399489_v3i965: Prevent coverity warningRobert Foss3 years
cov_1399480_1399489_v4i965: Prevent coverity warningRobert Foss3 years
d3d1x-addonsegl_g3d: don't drop single-buffered configsLuca Barbieri9 years
dead_code_v1egl/android: Remove dead code from droid_open_device()Robert Foss3 years
direct_state_accessmesa: advertise GL_EXT_direct_state_accessDylan Noblesmith6 years
draw-instancedmesa: enable GL_ARB_draw_instanced for software driversBrian Paul9 years
draw-plydraw: Dump transformed verticies to PLY format (WIP).José Fonseca8 years
dri2-swapbuffersRequire new DRI2 proto headers for buildingJesse Barnes10 years
drm-gemintel-gem: Update to new check_aperture API for classic mode.Eric Anholt12 years
embedded-1-branchRemove the Id tags to avoid conflicts when merging.Jose Fonseca17 years
embedded-2-branchReverted forced eye coords hack in run_vertex_stage.dok66617 years
experimental-1merged with the autoconf branchtanner21 years
ext-provoking-vertexdraw: use flatfirst variableBrian Paul11 years
flex-and-bison-requiredGenerate lexer and parser files for tarball creation processIan Romanick9 years
floatingmesa: document known possible deviations from ARB_color_buffer_floatLuca Barbieri9 years
frontbuffer-removalRemove XIDs from DRI interface (see #5714).Kristian Høgsberg13 years
gallium-0.1-dridraw: preserve specular alpha when flatshading -- may be FOGCKeith Whitwell12 years
gallium-0.1-dri2missed piece of mergeAlan Hourihane12 years
gallium-0.2nouveau: nv40 swizzled mipmap fixes.Younes Manton11 years
gallium-array-texturesMerge remote branch 'origin/master' into gallium-array-texturesRoland Scheidegger9 years
gallium-buffer-usage-cleanupst/egl: fix up for binding flagsKeith Whitwell10 years
gallium-clip-stated3d1x: adapt to new clip stateChristoph Bumiller8 years
gallium-computegallium/targets/pipe-loader: Prepend DESTDIR to the installation directory.Alexey Shvetsov8 years
gallium-context-transfers-2cell: adapt to context texture transfers (untested)Roland Scheidegger10 years
gallium-cylindrical-wrapfix bug in perspective corrected interpolants for linesBrian Paul10 years
gallium-double-opcodesregress: add DFRAC testIgor Oliveira10 years
gallium-drm-driver-descriptornouveau: Remove reference to drm_apiJakob Bornecrantz10 years
gallium-dynamicstencilrefcell: adjust structure paddingBrian Paul10 years
gallium-fb-dimensionsgallium: doc tweaks for bypass_vs_clip_and_viewportKeith Whitwell10 years
gallium-float-1111-formatgallium/docs: Resolve texture conventions for R and RG formats.Michal Krol10 years
gallium-front-ccwllvmpipe: fix front/back tri culling mix-upBrian Paul10 years
gallium-gpu4-texture-opcodesRevert "gallium: Replace texture target with resource operand in TGSI texture...Michal Krol10 years
gallium-integer-opcodestgsi: Treat MOV source operand as FLOAT so modifiers works as expected.Michal Krol10 years
gallium-mesa-7.4st/mesa: rework viewport/scissor initialization codeBrian Paul11 years
gallium-msaautil: fix obvious util_blitter_copy bugs...Roland Scheidegger10 years
gallium-new-formatsgallium/util: use other layout instead of the old compressedRoland Scheidegger10 years
gallium-newcleargallium: rename clearRT / clearDS to clear_render_target / clear_depth_stencilRoland Scheidegger10 years
gallium-no-nvidia-opcodesgallium: Remove TGSI_OPCODE_X2D.Michal Krol10 years
gallium-no-rhw-positionutil/blitter: Fix the viewport transformation for Z coordinatesMarek Olšák10 years
gallium-no-texture-blanketgallium: remove p_screen::surface_buffer_createKeith Whitwell10 years
gallium-nopointsizeminmaxst/mesa: fix wrong initialization of MaxPointSizeRoland Scheidegger10 years
gallium-render-condition-predicategallium: add a predicate value to render_condition()Keith Whitwell10 years
gallium-resource-samplinggallium: add docs for resources and new opcodesZack Rusin10 years
gallium-resourcesgallium: don't use generic get_transfer func for texturesKeith Whitwell10 years
gallium-sampler-viewgallium: change remaining util functions to use cso sampler viewsRoland Scheidegger10 years
gallium-st-apist/mesa: Update the comments in st_manager.c.Chia-I Wu10 years
gallium-st-api-drist/dri: fix bug in make_currentGeorge Sapountzis10 years
gallium-stream-outgallium: adjust the query interface to support custom typesZack Rusin10 years
gallium-sw-apigallium: More comments about the drm api vs software rasterizersJakob Bornecrantz10 years
gallium-tgsi-semantic-cleanupgallium: Remove TGSI_SEMANTIC_NORMAL.Michal Krol10 years
gallium-userbufsvga: check for and skip null vertex buffer pointersBrian Paul8 years
gallium-util-format-is-supportedgallium/util: fix inverted if is_nop logic in s3tcLuca Barbieri10 years
gallium-vertexelementcsost/mesa: fix clear/drawpixels/bitmap for new cso vertex elements interfaceRoland Scheidegger10 years
gallium_draw_llvmllvmpipe: use a define to decide whether to use draw llvm pathsZack Rusin10 years
glapi-reorgmesa: Remove unnecessary glapitable.h includes.Chia-I Wu9 years
gles3i965/fs/gen7: Fix fatal typo in unpackHalf2x16Chad Versace7 years
glsl-compiler-1disable free() until other issues can be fixed...Brian13 years
glsl-continue-returnglsl: move/simplify error checking for 'return' statementsBrian Paul11 years
glsl-continue-return-7-5cell: PIPE_CAP_TGSI_CONT_SUPPORTED queryBrian Paul11 years
glsl-pp-rework-1Merge branch 'master' into glsl-pp-rework-1Michal Krol10 years
glsl-pp-rework-2Remove grammar module -- no dependencies left.Michal Krol10 years
glsl-to-tgsist/mesa: replace duplicated create_color_map_texture() function with shared f...Bryan Cain9 years
glsl2glsl2: Refresh autogenerated file builtin_function.cpp.Kenneth Graunke10 years
glsl2-llvmGLSL2->LLVM conversion code and "glslang" compilerLuca Barbieri10 years
glsl2-lower-variable-indexingglsl2: Add flags to enable variable index loweringIan Romanick9 years
graw-testsgraw: add quad-tex graw test for basic texturingKeith Whitwell10 years
hw_gl_selectImplement HW accelerated GL_SELECTMicael Dias9 years
hwc2_fences_v1mesa: drop current draw/read buffer when ctx is releasedRob Clark3 years
hwc2_fences_v2Android: enable texture-floatRob Herring3 years
i915tex-pageflipi915tex: Wait for pending scheduled flips before switching vsync pipe.Michel Dänzer13 years
i915tex-zone-renderingi915tex: Document zone rendering related definitions.Keith Whitwell13 years
i915tex_branchMerge branch 'mesa_7_0_branch' into i915tex_branchThomas Hellstrom12 years
i915tex_privbuffersMerge branch 'origin' into i915tex_privbuffersRoland Scheidegger13 years
index-swtnl-0.1Add a state-checking stage to the render pipeline for attribute size changes.Keith Whitwell13 years
indirect-vboglx: Send array enable state to the serverIan Romanick12 years
intel-2008-q3intel: GL_FALSE on a BO if it won't be modified when mapping this BO. (thanks...Xiang, Haihao11 years
intel-2008-q4intel: bump driver dateXiang, Haihao11 years
kasanen-post-processst/dri: Bind the post-processing queue to dri, rebasedLauri Kasanen9 years
kasanen-post-process-v2pp/main queue: Add the PP headersLauri Kasanen9 years
llvm-cliptest-viewportllvmpipe: clean up fields in draw_llvm_variant_keyKeith Whitwell9 years
llvm-contextllvmpipe: also record the jit task in the fs jit debug codeBrian Paul9 years
llvmpipe-rast-64llvmpipe: enable 32 bit sse paths in the triangle setupZack Rusin6 years
lucasetnaviv: Fix handling of imported tiled buffersMichael Tretter3 years
map-tex-branchmesa: use RowStride if it's non-zero in _mesa_alloc_texture_image_data()Brian Paul10 years
map-texture-image-v4mesa: restore _mesa_lock/unlock_texture() calls in glGetTexImage()Brian Paul9 years
map-texture-image-v5mesa: pass linear-ized texture format to _mesa_unpack_rgba_row()Brian Paul8 years
masteranv: fix build without Wayland platformMarcin Ślusarz4 years
mesaImported sourcesjtg21 years
mesa_20040127_branchReorganize two functions which seem to be tickling a gcc bugKeith Whitwell16 years
mesa_20040309_branchFix problems when sizeof(Node) != sizeof(float)Keith Whitwell16 years
mesa_20050114_branchCalculate haveAccumBuffer, haveDepthBuffer and haveStencilBuffer inKeith Whitwell15 years
mesa_3_2_devfix for eval regressionKeith Whitwell20 years
mesa_3_3_texture_env_combine2added #define GL_MESA_texture_env_combine2 1hwaechtler20 years
mesa_3_4_branchadd GL_PER_STAGE_CONSTANTS_NVAlan Hourihane18 years
mesa_4_0_branchmove LoadYUVImage into readtex.cKeith Whitwell17 years
mesa_5_0_branchRemoved Id line accidentally added in last commit.Ian Romanick17 years
mesa_6_0_branchfix some memory leaks (bug #1002030)Brian Paul16 years
mesa_6_2_branchfix debug output x86-64Alan Hourihane15 years
mesa_6_4_branchpatch to increate MaxTextureLevels to 11 (Benno Schulenberg)Brian Paul13 years
mesa_7_0_branchFix silly type mismatch error in multinoise demo.Gary Wong11 years
mesa_7_2_branchBuild fixes for gcc 2.95Matthieu Herrb11 years
mesa_7_4_branchradeon: With DRI1, if we have HW stencil, only expose fbconfigs with stencil.Michel Dänzer11 years
mesa_7_4_idr_stagingi965: check if we run out of GRF/temp registersBrian Paul11 years
mesa_7_5_branchdocs: 7.5.2 md5 sumsIan Romanick10 years
mesa_7_6_branchdocs: insert 7.6.1 release dateBrian Paul10 years
mesa_7_7_branchglx: fix regression with GLX_USE_GLBrian Paul10 years
nv50-compilernv50: put low limit on REG_ALLOC_TEMP and FP_RESULT_COUNTChristoph Bumiller9 years
nvc0nv50: check grclass instead of chipset for 3D capsChristoph Bumiller9 years
openchrome-branchopenchrome: Fix some compilation errors / warnings.Thomas Hellstrom11 years
opengl-eses: standard Mesa license termsBrian Paul11 years
opengl-es-v2docs: Add documentation for OpenGL ES.Chia-I Wu10 years
openvg-1.0vg: remove a silly demo and add a bit better oneZack Rusin11 years
outputswritten64Revert "Move vertex shader results above the 32-bit boundry"Ian Romanick10 years
pipe-video[g3dvl] remove some unneeded MakefilesChristian König9 years
primitive-restartllvmpipe: remove VS/FS cap queriesBrian Paul9 years
r300-bufmgrradeon: align up the allocations for vramDave Airlie11 years
r500-supportr5xx: Add OPCODE_XPD. In working condition, I might add.Corbin Simpson12 years
r6xx-r7xx-supportR6xx, add edge rules for trianglesCooper Yuan11 years
r6xx-rewriteMerge branch 'master' of git+ssh:// in...Alex Deucher11 years
radeon-rewriter300: fix VAP setupMaciej Cencora11 years
remove-copyteximage-hookst/mesa: get rid of redundant clipping code in st_copy_texsubimage()Brian Paul9 years
remove-driver-datemesa: Include GIT SHA1 in GL version stringIan Romanick9 years
remove-max-widthst/mesa: initialize the MaxViewport, MaxRenderbufferSize constantsBrian Paul8 years
remove-max-width-2st/mesa: initialize the MaxViewport, MaxRenderbufferSize constantsBrian Paul8 years
remove-redundant-helpersgallium: Remove redundant sw and debug target helpersJakob Bornecrantz9 years
renderbuffer-cleanups-v2intel: use swrast code to map/unmap renderbuffers for swrast renderingBrian Paul8 years
shader-file-reorgmesa: rename src/mesa/shader/ to src/mesa/program/Brian Paul10 years
shader-workglsl/loop_unroll: unroll loops with cond breaks anywhere, not just the endLuca Barbieri9 years
softpipe_0_1_branchMerge branch 'softpipe_0_1_branch' of git+ssh:// years
sprite-coorddraw: check bitshift against PIPE_MAX_SHADER_OUTPUSBrian Paul9 years
st-mesa-per-context-shadersst/mesa: reorganize vertex program translation codeBrian Paul9 years
st-vbomesa: revert accidental chandes to test programsKeith Whitwell11 years
texfilter_float_branchswrast: remove unused integer lerp functionsBrian Paul11 years
texformat-xrgbprogs/tests: also test 1D textures in packedpixels.cBrian Paul10 years
texman_0_1_branchfix bug when pushing ReadBuffer state for GL_PIXEL_MODE_BITBrian Paul14 years
texmem-1.0Fix copy-and-paste-o of my e-mail address.Michel Dänzer13 years
texmem_0_2_branchAdd a demo illustrating various techniques for uploading dynamic (ieKeith Whitwell14 years
texmem_0_3_branchAnother free->align_freeDave Airlie13 years
texture_rgr300: add support for ARB_texture_rg and ARB_half_float_pixel extensionMaciej Cencora11 years
texture_rg-2ARB_texture_rg: Refactor _mesa_texstore_rg88 and _mesa_texstore_al88Ian Romanick10 years
thallocthalloc: Remove reference functionJakob Bornecrantz9 years
vbo_0_1_branchRemove unused index buffer.Keith Whitwell13 years
vtx-0-1-branchcheckpoint, changes from end of last yearKeith Whitwell17 years
vtx-0-2-branchMerge head into branchKeith Whitwell16 years
wladetnaviv: NEON implementations of tiling/untilingWladimir J. van der Laan3 years
xa_branchst/xa: Update README.Thomas Hellstrom9 years