AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
2017-05-26WIP: Initial modifiers codeandroid-etnaviv-modifiersRobert Foss3-0/+20
2017-05-26egl/android: Removed dependency on drm_grallocRobert Foss1-1/+0
2017-05-26egl/android: Remove dependency on libgralloc_drmRobert Foss1-1/+2
2017-05-26egl/android: Add missing local definitions of structsRobert Foss2-39/+39
2017-05-26egl/android: Fix missing gralloc_drm_get_gem_handle dependencyRob Herring2-3/+4
2017-05-26egl/android: Fix typ-oRobert Foss1-1/+1
2017-05-26Return DRM_FORMAT_MOD_INVALID in layout_to_modifier to keep the compiler happyTomeu Vizoso1-0/+1
2017-05-26Keep setting scanout->prime_fd so drm_hwc can get itTomeu Vizoso1-0/+1
2017-05-26etnaviv: turn scanout surface into one type of external surfaceLucas Stach6-75/+73
2017-05-26st/dri: allow direct YUYV importLucas Stach2-3/+6
2017-05-26st/dri: allow scanout usage for buffer create with modifiersLucas Stach1-9/+14
2017-05-26etnaviv: always do cpu_fini in transfer_unmapLucas Stach1-3/+6
2017-05-26etnaviv: implement resource creation with modifierLucas Stach4-8/+145
2017-05-26st/dri: support format modifier queriesVarad Gautam1-0/+24
2017-05-26gallium: introduce format modifier queryingVarad Gautam1-0/+13
2017-05-26st/dri: support format queriesVarad Gautam1-0/+91
2017-05-26st/dri: implement DRIimage creation from dmabufs with modifiersVarad Gautam2-5/+45
2017-05-26st/dri: implement createImageWithModifiers in DRIimageVarad Gautam2-5/+73
2017-05-26st/dri: enable DRIimage modifier queriesVarad Gautam2-0/+22
2017-05-26gallium: add per-resource modifier queryingVarad Gautam1-0/+7
2017-05-26XX2: st/dri: refactor multi-planar YUV import pathVarad Gautam2-133/+162
2017-05-26egl: advertise EGL_EXT_image_dma_buf_import_modifiersVarad Gautam2-0/+7
2017-05-26egl: implement eglQueryDmaBufModifiersEXTVarad Gautam4-0/+59
2017-05-26egl: implement eglQueryDmaBufFormatsEXTVarad Gautam4-0/+45
2017-05-26egl/dri2: Create EGLImages with dmabuf modifiersVarad Gautam3-11/+145
2017-05-26dri: introduce dmabuf format modifier related handlesVarad Gautam1-1/+62
2017-05-26egl/main: add support for fourth plane tokensPekka Paalanen4-3/+23
2017-05-26egl: introduce DMA_BUF_MAX_PLANESPekka Paalanen2-7/+9
2017-05-26Revert "renderonly: close transfer prime_fd"Tomeu Vizoso1-2/+0
2017-05-26etnaviv: Don't try to use the index buffer if size is zeroTomeu Vizoso1-16/+20
2017-05-26Revert "GROSS HACK: Force textures to be all tiled, for the compositor"Robert Foss1-5/+0
2017-05-26HACK: call drmCloseOnce instead of just close()Tomeu Vizoso2-2/+2
2017-05-26GROSS HACK: Force textures to be all tiled, for the compositorTomeu Vizoso1-0/+5
2017-05-26HACK: Extract the _DRIImages out from gbm_grallocTomeu Vizoso2-134/+52
2017-05-26Add droid_image_loader_extension.base to droid_dri2_loader_extensionsTomeu Vizoso1-0/+1
2017-05-26HACK: Lower version of libdrm required for etnaviv to use fencesTomeu Vizoso1-1/+1
2017-05-26HACK: Don't build ddebug for AndroidTomeu Vizoso3-5/+2
2017-05-26Android: Build libGLESv2Tomeu Vizoso1-0/+33
2017-05-26Android: Build DRM platformTomeu Vizoso3-15/+15
2017-05-26HACK: Force GL ES 3.0 and GLSL 3.0Tomeu Vizoso1-0/+7
2017-05-26Android: build imx-drm winsysTomeu Vizoso3-2/+44
2017-05-26etnaviv: disable creating tiled buffer on importRob Herring1-1/+1
2017-05-26always export the dumb buffer.Rob Herring2-1/+13
2017-05-26gallium: os_process fixes for AndroidRob Herring1-2/+3
2017-05-26Android: Enable ddebugRob Herring7-12/+66
2017-05-26android: print debug info to logcatWuZhen4-3/+20
2017-05-26Android: enable texture-floatRob Herring1-0/+1
2017-05-26st/dri: add 32-bit RGBX/RGBA formatsRob Herring2-0/+10
2017-05-26gbm: add XBGR8888 support for dumb buffersRob Herring1-1/+1
2017-05-26HACK: Add return statement to etna_amode so compiler is happyTomeu Vizoso1-0/+2