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2013-09-07Reinstate "crypto: crct10dif - Wrap crc_t10dif function all to use crypto tra...Herbert Xu1-0/+33
2013-07-24Revert "crypto: crct10dif - Wrap crc_t10dif function all to use crypto transf...Herbert Xu1-33/+0
2013-05-24crypto: crct10dif - Simple correctness and speed test for CRCT10DIF hashTim Chen1-0/+33
2013-05-02Merge git:// Torvalds1-38/+1276
2013-04-25crypto: testmgr - extend camellia test-vectors for camellia-aesni/avx2Jussi Kivilinna1-38/+1062
2013-04-25crypto: add CMAC support to CryptoAPIJussi Kivilinna1-0/+125
2013-04-25crypto: testmgr - add AES GMAC test vectorsJussi Kivilinna1-0/+89
2013-02-20crypto: testmgr - update LZO compression test vectorsMarkus F.X.J. Oberhumer1-18/+20
2012-12-06crypto: testmgr - remove superfluous initializers for xts(aes)Mathias Krause1-4/+0
2012-12-06crypto: testmgr - add larger crc32c test vector to test FPU path in crc32c_intelJussi Kivilinna1-3/+264
2012-10-24crypto: testmgr - add new larger DES3_EDE testvectorsJussi Kivilinna1-4/+1102
2012-10-24crypto: testmgr - add new larger DES testvectorsJussi Kivilinna1-4/+580
2012-10-24crypto: testmgr - add new larger AES testvectorsJussi Kivilinna1-8/+1104
2012-10-24crypto: testmgr - expand serpent test vectorsJussi Kivilinna1-38/+742
2012-10-24crypto: testmgr - expand blowfish test vectorsJussi Kivilinna1-38/+962
2012-10-24crypto: testmgr - expand camellia test vectorsJussi Kivilinna1-50/+940
2012-10-15crypto: vmac - Make VMAC work when blocks aren't alignedSalman Qazi1-1/+32
2012-09-27crypto: testmgr - add test vectors for CTR mode IV increasementJussi Kivilinna1-1/+1074
2012-09-27crypto: testmgr - add test vectors for partial ctr(cast5) and ctr(cast6)Jussi Kivilinna1-4/+62
2012-09-27crypto: testmgr - allow non-multi page and multi page skcipher tests from sam...Jussi Kivilinna1-1/+169
2012-08-01crypto: testmgr - add larger cast6 testvectorsJohannes Goetzfried1-2/+1410
2012-08-01crypto: testmgr - add larger cast5 testvectorsJohannes Goetzfried1-2/+808
2012-07-11crypto: testmgr - add aead cbc aes hmac sha1,256,512 test vectorsHoria Geanta1-0/+834
2012-06-12crypto: testmgr - expand twofish test vectorsJohannes Goetzfried1-32/+896
2012-06-12crypto: testmgr - Add new test cases for Blackfin CRC crypto driverSonic Zhang1-0/+90
2012-03-14crypto: testmgr - add more camellia test vectorsJussi Kivilinna1-4/+1379
2011-11-09crypto: testmgr - add xts(twofish) test vectorsJussi Kivilinna1-0/+681
2011-11-09crypto: testmgr - add xts(serpent) test vectorsJussi Kivilinna1-0/+682
2011-11-09crypto: testmgr - add lrw(twofish) test vectorsJussi Kivilinna1-0/+501
2011-11-09crypto: testmgr - add lrw(serpent) test vectorsJussi Kivilinna1-0/+502
2011-11-09crypto: testmgr - add new serpent test vectorsJussi Kivilinna1-2/+391
2011-10-21crypto: testmgr - add twofish testsJussi Kivilinna1-4/+222
2011-10-21crypto: testmgr - add blowfish test-vectorsJussi Kivilinna1-4/+168
2011-06-30crypto: testmgr - add xts-aes-256 self-testJarod Wilson1-2/+291
2011-05-04crypto: testmgr - add support for aes ofb modePuneet Saxena1-0/+60
2011-02-17crypto: sha1 - Add test vector to test partial block processingHerbert Xu1-1/+29
2010-11-13crypto: rfc4106 - Extending the RC4106 AES-GCM test vectorsAdrian Hoban1-0/+361
2010-03-18crypto: vmac - Fix big-endian supportShane Wang1-4/+60
2009-11-23crypto: testmgr - Add ghash algorithm test before provide to usersYouquan, Song1-0/+15
2009-09-02crypto: vmac - New hash algorithm for intel_txt supportShane Wang1-0/+16
2009-06-02crypto: testmgr - Add ctr(aes) test vectorsJarod Wilson1-3/+163
2009-06-02crypto: testmgr - Add ansi_cprng test vectorsJarod Wilson1-0/+96
2009-06-02crypto: testmgr - Add infrastructure for ansi_cprng self-testsJarod Wilson1-0/+12
2009-06-02crypto: testmgr - Add self-tests for rfc4309(ccm(aes))Jarod Wilson1-0/+370
2009-06-02crypto: testmgr - Handle AEAD test vectors expected to fail verificationJarod Wilson1-0/+1
2009-03-04crypto: testmgr - add zlib testGeert Uytterhoeven1-0/+137
2009-03-04crypto: testmgr - Add support for the pcomp interfaceGeert Uytterhoeven1-0/+10
2008-12-25crypto: testmgr - Correct comment about deflate parametersGeert Uytterhoeven1-1/+1
2008-08-29crypto: cryptomgr - Add test infrastructureHerbert Xu1-0/+8738