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authorLinus Torvalds <>2014-04-27 11:21:03 -0700
committerLinus Torvalds <>2014-04-27 11:21:03 -0700
commitd9e9e8e2fe832180f5c8f659a63def2e8fcaea4a (patch)
treebac04f7aeb4576dc27a6d52c0cbf8fdfa81ecb6f /kernel
parenta8d706986c5ee65354d8ddd88fe2dadfd2184991 (diff)
parent8db6e5104b77de5d0b7002b95069da0992a34be9 (diff)
Merge branch 'irq-urgent-for-linus' of git://
Pull irq fixes from Thomas Gleixner: "A slighlty large fix for a subtle issue in the CPU hotplug code of certain ARM SoCs, where the not yet online cpu needs to setup the cpu local timer and needs to set the interrupt affinity to itself. Setting interrupt affinity to a not online cpu is prohibited and therefor the timer interrupt ends up on the wrong cpu, which leads to nasty complications. The SoC folks tried to hack around that in the SoC code in some more than nasty ways. The proper solution is to have a way to enforce the affinity setting to a not online cpu. The core patch to the genirq code provides that facility and the follow up patches make use of it in the GIC interrupt controller and the exynos timer driver. The change to the core code has no implications to existing users, except for the rename of the locked function and therefor the necessary fixup in mips/cavium. Aside of that, no runtime impact is possible, as none of the existing interrupt chips implements anything which depends on the force argument of the irq_set_affinity() callback" * 'irq-urgent-for-linus' of git:// clocksource: Exynos_mct: Register clock event after request_irq() clocksource: Exynos_mct: Use irq_force_affinity() in cpu bringup irqchip: Gic: Support forced affinity setting genirq: Allow forcing cpu affinity of interrupts
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1 files changed, 6 insertions, 11 deletions
diff --git a/kernel/irq/manage.c b/kernel/irq/manage.c
index 2486a4c..d34131c 100644
--- a/kernel/irq/manage.c
+++ b/kernel/irq/manage.c
@@ -180,7 +180,7 @@ int irq_do_set_affinity(struct irq_data *data, const struct cpumask *mask,
struct irq_chip *chip = irq_data_get_irq_chip(data);
int ret;
- ret = chip->irq_set_affinity(data, mask, false);
+ ret = chip->irq_set_affinity(data, mask, force);
switch (ret) {
cpumask_copy(data->affinity, mask);
@@ -192,7 +192,8 @@ int irq_do_set_affinity(struct irq_data *data, const struct cpumask *mask,
return ret;
-int __irq_set_affinity_locked(struct irq_data *data, const struct cpumask *mask)
+int irq_set_affinity_locked(struct irq_data *data, const struct cpumask *mask,
+ bool force)
struct irq_chip *chip = irq_data_get_irq_chip(data);
struct irq_desc *desc = irq_data_to_desc(data);
@@ -202,7 +203,7 @@ int __irq_set_affinity_locked(struct irq_data *data, const struct cpumask *mask)
return -EINVAL;
if (irq_can_move_pcntxt(data)) {
- ret = irq_do_set_affinity(data, mask, false);
+ ret = irq_do_set_affinity(data, mask, force);
} else {
irq_copy_pending(desc, mask);
@@ -217,13 +218,7 @@ int __irq_set_affinity_locked(struct irq_data *data, const struct cpumask *mask)
return ret;
- * irq_set_affinity - Set the irq affinity of a given irq
- * @irq: Interrupt to set affinity
- * @mask: cpumask
- *
- */
-int irq_set_affinity(unsigned int irq, const struct cpumask *mask)
+int __irq_set_affinity(unsigned int irq, const struct cpumask *mask, bool force)
struct irq_desc *desc = irq_to_desc(irq);
unsigned long flags;
@@ -233,7 +228,7 @@ int irq_set_affinity(unsigned int irq, const struct cpumask *mask)
return -EINVAL;
raw_spin_lock_irqsave(&desc->lock, flags);
- ret = __irq_set_affinity_locked(irq_desc_get_irq_data(desc), mask);
+ ret = irq_set_affinity_locked(irq_desc_get_irq_data(desc), mask, force);
raw_spin_unlock_irqrestore(&desc->lock, flags);
return ret;