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2016-05-10drm_hwcomposer: Fix protected layer hole punchSean Paul1-8/+0
The old code didn't dereference the layer index from the bitmask which caused it to subtract layers it shouldn't have. In order to do this right, we need to look at the layer index corresponding to the bit in the id_set to ensure we're excluding the correct layers. BUG=None TEST=Precomposition doesn't draw over dedicated layers Change-Id: I8531e1ef3b2beb4674041145e2b38ce4b3dbe346 Signed-off-by: Sean Paul <>
2016-04-18drm_hwcomposer: Don't composite over protected layersSean Paul1-0/+8
This patch changes two things with respect to protected layers: 1- It provisions the HW plane in the correct position. ie: if the background layer is slated for a HW plane, it will be placed on the primary layer and the protected layer will be placed on top of it. 2- It punches a hole through the precomposite and squash layers such that when they are placed on top of the protected layer, they do not obstruct it. BUG=b/27502957 TEST=Tested on smaug with multi-window with a variety of different layouts and visible layers Change-Id: Ie30939f2bb750dbe3faa558ddb094b677f41f45e Signed-off-by: Sean Paul <>
2015-11-02drm_hwcomposer: fix spelling of "separate".Haixia Shi1-0/+169
It is spelled "separate", not "seperate". Change-Id: Id92d12aba42989a8a72e4596d425b2a9eea4e5ec