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2015-10-29drm_hwcomposer: polish for old DRM wrapper codeZach Reizner1-17/+16
- deleted private copy constructors - replace delete with unique_ptr - use in-class assignment - remove default constructors/destructors when no longer needed - remove most iterators used in for loops - move UniqueFd to its own header so drmresources can use it Change-Id: Ib20cc0949cf4d381a58548b8156c5cb368ca3efe
2015-10-28drm_hwcomposer: Use mode vrefresh if providedSean Paul1-0/+1
Instead of always calculating the vrefresh from clock + resolution, use vrefresh from the mode if its provided. Bug: 25319209 Test: Tested on smaug, refresh reports 60Hz Change-Id: I963ccb153d1856f5e45e4a1aa6fbd20b105d4a84 Signed-off-by: Sean Paul <>
2015-07-13drm_hwcomposer: Convert v_refresh() to floatSt├ęphane Marchesin1-2/+1
We convert v_refresh() to return a float and instead of storing it, compute it on the fly from the pixel clock + htotal/vtotal. This makes the synthetic vblank computation much more accurate. Change-Id: I2a0becf75eaca8ace30d176fdc813f3b57ba23a5
2015-06-15drm_hwcomposer: Use atomic modeset to set crtc timingSean Paul1-1/+1
Use the new drm blob ioctl and atomic modeset properties to do atomic modesetting, as opposed to the old setCrtc call. This allows us to set timing as soon as the system layer requests a new active config, as opposed to delaying it until we have an fb. Aside from reducing complexity, this should help with event control requests as we'll be able to service them with hw vblanks instead of synthesized sleeps. Change-Id: I9c80d44f52f52881a3a25b2ae518973d468bc110 Signed-off-by: Sean Paul <>
2015-05-11drm_hwcomposer: Wrap libdrm ops (minus modeset/flip) in C++ classesSean Paul1-0/+83
This allows us to compartmentalize a bunch of code/logic from hwcomposer.cpp into drm classes. Signed-off-by: Sean Paul <> Change-Id: Id3f912126f1fdcd44d32c3eb4fba646f77590278