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authorSean Paul <>2015-06-03 14:08:27 -0400
committerSean Paul <>2015-06-15 16:30:48 -0400
commit877be974a2d4fc518700be8ffe803a50cb716ead (patch)
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parent1f4ff5aec7bec305558228adb65ba56bd0b9f366 (diff)
drm_hwcomposer: Use atomic modeset to set crtc timing
Use the new drm blob ioctl and atomic modeset properties to do atomic modesetting, as opposed to the old setCrtc call. This allows us to set timing as soon as the system layer requests a new active config, as opposed to delaying it until we have an fb. Aside from reducing complexity, this should help with event control requests as we'll be able to service them with hw vblanks instead of synthesized sleeps. Change-Id: I9c80d44f52f52881a3a25b2ae518973d468bc110 Signed-off-by: Sean Paul <>
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diff --git a/drmmode.h b/drmmode.h
index 9e333bd..ab213ef 100644
--- a/drmmode.h
+++ b/drmmode.h
@@ -30,7 +30,7 @@ class DrmMode {
bool operator==(const drmModeModeInfo &m) const;
- void ToModeModeInfo(drmModeModeInfo *m) const;
+ void ToDrmModeModeInfo(drm_mode_modeinfo *m) const;
uint32_t id() const;
void set_id(uint32_t id);