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2017-04-27HACK: Prevent bluetooth errors from causing boot issuesandroid-etnavivTomeu Vizoso1-0/+2
2016-09-16Add BT_HCI_UNKNOWN_MESSAGE_TYPE log eventPavlin Radoslavov2-12/+20
2016-07-06Add BT_HCI_TIMEOUT and BT_CONFIG_SOURCE log events.Jacky Cheung2-1/+5
2016-06-20L2CAP: Handle invalid HCI packetsMatadeen Mishra1-0/+21
2016-06-16Add missing NULL pointers assignmentsPavlin Radoslavov1-0/+2
2016-05-27Update the HCI unit test if BT_CLEAN_TURN_ON_DISABLED is TRUEPavlin Radoslavov1-0/+8
2016-05-12Restart failed system calls interrupted with errno of EINTRPavlin Radoslavov3-5/+12
2016-05-04Avoid NULL pointer usage of startup_future in case of HCI startup timeoutPavlin Radoslavov1-5/+5
2016-04-26Do not log unsolicited NOOP command complete eventsAndre Eisenbach1-4/+9
2016-04-26Revert "Turn down excess logging in bt hci"Andre Eisenbach1-5/+4
2016-03-30Avoid using alarm APIs for LPM when Idle timeout is zeroJaganath Kanakkassery1-1/+6
2016-03-25Add missing log tagJakub Pawlowski1-1/+1
2016-03-25Read local supported codecs as part of boot sequenceSrinu Jella4-3/+34
2016-03-25Corrected the stream for error checkingSrinu Jella1-1/+1
2016-03-25Move properties get/set code to osiJakub Pawlowski1-10/+2
2016-03-25Update build files for Fluoride on LinuxJakub Pawlowski1-2/+8
2016-03-24Turn down excess logging in bt hciJoe Onorato1-4/+5
2016-02-25Fix a crash triggered when firmware config takes too longPavlin Radoslavov1-1/+15
2016-02-18Fix C/C++ compiler generated warningsPavlin Radoslavov2-3/+5
2016-02-18Cleanup C and C++ compiler flagsPavlin Radoslavov1-12/+17
2016-02-18Removed checks for NULL returns after osi_calloc() / osi_malloc()Pavlin Radoslavov2-11/+0
2016-02-18Replaced osi_getbuf()/osi_freebuf() with osi_malloc()/osi_free()Pavlin Radoslavov1-3/+2
2016-02-12osi: add metrics APIMarie Janssen1-2/+2
2016-01-25Remove headers from LOCAL_SRC_FILESDan Willemsen1-4/+1
2016-01-21Refactor the Bluetooth timersPavlin Radoslavov2-20/+34
2016-01-21Update btsnooz log file format to log ACL and SCO headers.Sharvil Nanavati1-4/+9
2015-12-22Remove "block" parameter from eager_reader_read()Andre Eisenbach7-17/+16
2015-12-18Fix memory leak in vendor layerMarie Janssen1-1/+5
2015-12-07Fix net_test_hci unit testsPavlin Radoslavov3-4/+19
2015-12-02A2DP SRC offload supportAbhijit Adsule4-4/+68
2015-11-30Fix a race condition in the HCI module start_up()Pavlin Radoslavov1-2/+3
2015-11-10Fix net_test_hciAndre Eisenbach1-2/+2
2015-10-21Workaround for H4 HCI stream corruption during LE scansAndre Eisenbach2-0/+50
2015-10-19Raise BTU and HCI thread prioritiesAndre Eisenbach1-0/+9
2015-10-19GKI cleanup - moved GKI buffer allocation wrappers to OSIPavlin Radoslavov3-8/+5
2015-10-19GKI cleanup - Replaced usage of GKI queue with OSI fixed_queuePavlin Radoslavov2-2/+2
2015-10-19GKI cleanup - Moved GKI_get_os_tick_count() to OSIPavlin Radoslavov12-28/+23
2015-10-19Disable opening network debug ports for security reasonsPavlin Radoslavov2-0/+20
2015-10-19Fix issue where bluesleep idle timer is not startedwang ping1-1/+1
2015-10-19Fix btwrite timer timeout for Angler (2/2)tturney1-1/+2
2015-08-23resolved conflicts for merge of aa41fec0 to mnc-dev-plus-aospPavlin Radoslavov1-2/+5
2015-08-23Check the return value when reading HCI type bytePavlin Radoslavov1-2/+5
2015-08-07resolved conflicts for merge of 49a86709 to mnc-dev-plus-aospMarie Janssen7-12/+11
2015-08-06build: LOG_TAG consistency, include order, build fixesMarie Janssen7-12/+11
2015-07-08am 49120dc8: build: Fix LOG_TAG define breakage, macro usageMarie Janssen8-16/+16
2015-07-07build: Fix LOG_TAG define breakage, macro usageMarie Janssen8-16/+16
2015-07-07am db554581: build: Update osi log functions, use consistentlyMarie Janssen11-132/+133
2015-07-07am 1192df9f: Save all snoop logs when BtSnoopSaveLog=trueTucker Sylvestro1-12/+12
2015-07-07Save all snoop logs when BtSnoopSaveLog=trueTucker Sylvestro1-12/+12
2015-07-06build: Update osi log functions, use consistentlyMarie Janssen11-132/+133