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authorAyan Ghosh <>2016-07-22 15:11:11 +0530
committergitbuildkicker <>2016-07-27 19:23:17 -0700
commit939fd540855c48a930b20cd99642715d15376a9c (patch)
parent5ceebeb17b72751fce3e69df50e45e57b5501edd (diff)
Proper handling of AV connection collision
Use case: 1. Pair to Remote 2. Turn OFF/ON BT on DUT 3. After DUT's BT is turned ON, Remote would reconnect to DUT Failure: Bluetooth settings UI continues to display Connecting when BT was Turned OFF and ON. Root cause: - This is a connection collision case where remote is not responding to DUT initiated SDP attribute fetch request for AV. AV holds outgoing connection for sometime and meanwhile remote starts AV connection from its end. Then DUT disconnects the SDP channel after a second without waiting to fetch requested info, and this confuses DUT's AV state machine. The outgoing connection could not proceed as incoming AV L2CAP connects, because DUT's AV state machine is not equipped with handling this scenario. On incoming connection timer expiry, it does not start AV media channel as it finds AV Open has not been done from upper layer after incoming L2CAP got connected. - When the incoming path 2s timer expires, the DUT checks whether Open has been called after incoming state is set. This is not the case here, because Open was triggered earlier as as part of the outgoing connection. As a result, A2DP cannot connect at all. Fix: - Properly set collision flags for handling AV connection collision. - Update BTA AV handle even when BTIF AV state machine is yet to be built. Bug: 30362987 Change-Id: I02a3adb62479b0f762bc792a5727d06e11eaaa52 (cherry picked from commit db1e3a5fbb41cd1faf572c5f89ec9212c5ff2986)
3 files changed, 16 insertions, 2 deletions
diff --git a/bta/av/bta_av_aact.c b/bta/av/bta_av_aact.c
index 6c5d874..1e73fa6 100644
--- a/bta/av/bta_av_aact.c
+++ b/bta/av/bta_av_aact.c
@@ -1567,7 +1567,10 @@ void bta_av_connect_req(tBTA_AV_SCB *p_scb, tBTA_AV_DATA *p_data)
/* SNK initiated L2C connection while SRC was doing SDP. */
/* Wait until timeout to check if SNK starts signalling. */
- APPL_TRACE_EVENT("bta_av_connect_req: coll_mask = 0x%2X", p_scb->coll_mask);
+ APPL_TRACE_EVENT("%s: coll_mask = 0x%2X", __func__, p_scb->coll_mask);
+ p_scb->coll_mask |= BTA_AV_COLL_API_CALLED;
+ APPL_TRACE_EVENT("%s: updated coll_mask = 0x%2X", __func__,
+ p_scb->coll_mask);
diff --git a/bta/av/bta_av_act.c b/bta/av/bta_av_act.c
index 5857dd6..9cc802f 100644
--- a/bta/av/bta_av_act.c
+++ b/bta/av/bta_av_act.c
@@ -1613,6 +1613,8 @@ static void bta_av_accept_signalling_timer_cback(void *data)
if (bta_av_is_scb_opening(p_scb))
+ APPL_TRACE_DEBUG("%s: stream state opening: SDP started = %d",
+ __func__, p_scb->sdp_discovery_started);
if (p_scb->sdp_discovery_started)
/* We are still doing SDP. Run the timer again. */
@@ -1634,6 +1636,7 @@ static void bta_av_accept_signalling_timer_cback(void *data)
/* Stay in incoming state if SNK does not start signalling */
+ APPL_TRACE_DEBUG("%s: stream state incoming", __func__);
/* API open was called right after SNK opened L2C connection. */
if (p_scb->coll_mask & BTA_AV_COLL_API_CALLED)
diff --git a/btif/src/btif_av.c b/btif/src/btif_av.c
index 03ba842..f852d48 100644
--- a/btif/src/btif_av.c
+++ b/btif/src/btif_av.c
@@ -1044,13 +1044,21 @@ static BOOLEAN btif_av_state_started_handler(btif_sm_event_t event, void *p_data
static void btif_av_handle_event(UINT16 event, char* p_param)
+ BTIF_TRACE_EVENT("%s event:%s", __func__,
+ dump_av_sm_event_name((btif_av_sm_event_t)event));
+ if (btif_av_cb.sm_handle == NULL)
+ {
+ btif_av_cb.bta_handle = ((tBTA_AV*)p_param)->registr.hndl;
+ BTIF_TRACE_DEBUG("%s: BTA AV Handle updated", __func__);
+ }
btif_sm_dispatch(btif_av_cb.sm_handle, event, (void*)p_param);
btif_av_event_free_data(event, p_param);