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2016-10-25Revert "services: surfaceflinger: ASAN fix"Steve Pfetsch1-8/+9
2016-10-18services: surfaceflinger: ASAN fixSteve Pfetsch1-9/+8
2016-09-22Merge "Surface: Add force disconnection method." into nyc-mr1-devRob Carr4-6/+6
2016-09-15HWC2On1: Fall back to GLES for SolidColorDan Stoza1-1/+8
2016-09-14Surface: Add force disconnection method.Robert Carr4-6/+6
2016-09-12Merge "Update default DispSync offsets" into nyc-mr1-devDan Stoza1-4/+22
2016-09-10Merge "Fix dangerous unsafe_get() in SensorRecord" into nyc-mr1-devPeng Xu6-21/+21
2016-09-09Update default DispSync offsetsDan Stoza1-4/+22
2016-09-08Merge "Boost priority of short-running SF FIFO threads slightly." into nyc-mr...Tim Murray3-3/+3
2016-09-08Merge "SF/HWC2: Add a layer minidump" into nyc-mr1-devDan Stoza3-10/+90
2016-09-07Boost priority of short-running SF FIFO threads slightly.Tim Murray3-3/+3
2016-08-20Fix dangerous unsafe_get() in SensorRecordPeng Xu6-21/+21
2016-08-12Merge "DO NOT MERGE SF: Add property to disable HWC virtual displays" into ny...Dan Stoza3-22/+44
2016-08-10DO NOT MERGE SF: Add property to disable HWC virtual displaysDan Stoza3-22/+44
2016-08-09SF: Fix a couple of Layer ref count issuesDan Stoza6-27/+27
2016-08-05Merge "Tune SensorService thread priority, lower sensor event latency" into n...Peng Xu2-0/+16
2016-08-05Merge "SF: Change rounding behavior in setGeometry" into nyc-mr1-devPablo Ceballos3-7/+15
2016-08-05Tune SensorService thread priority, lower sensor event latencyPeng Xu2-0/+16
2016-08-03SF: Change rounding behavior in setGeometryPablo Ceballos3-7/+15
2016-08-02Disable SCHED_FIFO when turning off the display.Tim Murray2-0/+26
2016-08-01SF/HWC2: Add a layer minidumpDan Stoza3-10/+90
2016-07-29Update SurfaceFlinger FIFO configuration.Tim Murray4-12/+10
2016-07-28SF: Prime shader cache before boot animationDan Stoza4-0/+13
2016-07-27Merge "Build SF executable with USE_HWC2 when needed" into nyc-mr1-devTreeHugger Robot1-0/+4
2016-07-27Build SF executable with USE_HWC2 when neededDan Stoza1-0/+4
2016-07-27HWC2: Clear transform for SolidColor layersDan Stoza1-0/+11
2016-07-25HWC2: Use SolidColor composition for DimLayerDan Stoza1-5/+14
2016-07-22Merge "SF: Make screenshot surface async" into nyc-mr1-devPablo Ceballos1-0/+8
2016-07-21HWC2: Check all displays for client compositionDan Stoza1-1/+7
2016-07-21SF: Make screenshot surface asyncPablo Ceballos1-0/+8
2016-07-21HWC2: Kill logspam for non-HWC virtual displaysDan Stoza2-1/+20
2016-07-21Merge "HWC2: Add properties to revert latching changes" into nyc-mr1-devTreeHugger Robot4-1/+31
2016-07-20HWC2: Add properties to revert latching changesDan Stoza4-1/+31
2016-07-15Color transforms are now color modes.Michael Wright13-81/+302
2016-07-15SF/HWC2: Add support for color transformsDan Stoza9-76/+131
2016-07-14Merge "HWC2: Fix virtual displays" into nyc-mr1-devTreeHugger Robot2-4/+19
2016-07-14HWC2: Fix virtual displaysDan Stoza2-4/+19
2016-07-12Merge changes Iea048eaa,I5c246571 into nyc-mr1-devCourtney Goeltzenleuchter3-13/+35
2016-07-12Merge "BQ: Remove getNextFrameNumber Binder call" into nyc-mr1-devPablo Ceballos4-14/+8
2016-07-11Add support for multiple color modesCourtney Goeltzenleuchter3-4/+35
2016-07-11Remove unused DisplayInfo structureCourtney Goeltzenleuchter1-9/+0
2016-07-08Merge "HWC2: Backpressure on transactions as well" into nyc-mr1-devTreeHugger Robot1-8/+9
2016-07-08HWC2: Backpressure on transactions as wellDan Stoza1-8/+9
2016-07-08Merge "Increase sensor registration log size" into nyc-mr1-devPeng Xu2-8/+8
2016-07-07Increase sensor registration log sizePeng Xu2-8/+8
2016-07-07surfaceflinger: make critical threads SCHED_FIFOTim Murray3-0/+32
2016-07-06HWC2: Backpressure missed vsyncs into appsDan Stoza4-77/+26
2016-07-06SF: Only latch buffers after fence signalsDan Stoza2-1/+29
2016-07-01BQ: Remove getNextFrameNumber Binder callPablo Ceballos4-14/+8
2016-06-30resolve merge conflicts of 8e3e92b to nyc-mr1-devPablo Ceballos4-0/+11