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Zygote: Add CAP_WAKE_ALARM to system_server to properly support timerfd alarmsandroid-etnaviv
The when the timerfd alarm logic was added to the kernel, an oversight was made and the interface does not check for the CAP_WAKE_ALARM permissions as required via other kernel methods to trigger an alarm timer. In v4.8-rc kernels, the change 2895a5e5b3a ("timerfd: Reject ALARM timerfds without CAP_WAKE_ALARM") was added by Eric Caruso <>. After this change (which may be backported to -stable), the AlarmManager will fail on the first timerfd_create call, and will not be able to set the time or handle other necessary functions. The solution here is to add CAP_WAKE_ALARM to the system_server process. Change-Id: Ifdb16f3ef42711e553f727165de3922d484b5be4 Signed-off-by: John Stultz <> (cherry picked from commit 5733f387be6cef3836ed06ed897ab43897eb470d)
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