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2017-08-09rdu2: define supported hardware items onlyAleksander Morgado1-54/+0
Instead of blindly using the default 'handheld' android profile, we specify our own hardware profile removing all the features we don't have in the RDU2. * No front or back camera. * No bluetooth chipset. * No microphone (so no connection service or voice recognizers either). * No compass or accelerometer. * No location capabilities. * Landscape mode only.. We still build the corresponding apps when needed, though (e.g. Bluetooth or Camera and their corresponding HAL/services) but they will just bail out cleanly when they don't detect the HW capabilities: Telecom: registerPhoneAccount not allowed on non-voice capable device. SystemServer: No Bluetooth Service (Bluetooth Hardware Not Present) DisableCameraReceiver: no back camera DisableCameraReceiver: disable all camera activities CameraService: getCameraVendorTagDescriptor: camera hardware module doesn't exist Signed-off-by: Aleksander Morgado <>
2017-08-09hardware: import handheld profileAleksander Morgado1-0/+88
We're installing the original file ourselves, so just import it so that we can update it here. Signed-off-by: Aleksander Morgado <>